Nvono-Ncá meets the Spanish ambassador to the EU
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Nvono-Ncá meets the Spanish ambassador to the EU

October 9, 2019

Since the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, maintaining excellent relations with EU Member States has always been key priority. To that purpose, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, the Brussels-based ambassador, held an interesting meeting with Spain’s Permanent Representative before the EU, Pablo García-Berdoy.

Throughout the meeting, Nvono-Ncá congratulated the Spanish diplomat for the new appointment of Josep Borell, Spain’s current foreign minister, whose new mandate as the head of European foreign policy will shortly come into force. On the other hand, García-Berdoy emphasized Spain’s propensity to support Equatorial Guinea as usual.

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The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels—being one of the most important foreign diplomatic missions of Equatorial Guinea—has a mix of bilateral and multilateral competences.

Regarding bilateral relations, its jurisdiction extends over Belgium (host country), the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Republic of Turkey—all of them top bilateral partners of Equatorial Guinea.


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